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Give priority to prevention, promote the integration of medical treatment and prevention, deepen the healthy China initiative……



Current Status:

        The "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline was issued and implemented by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on October 25, 2016. It is a program of action for promoting the construction of a healthy China in the next 15 years. It points out that to promote the construction of a healthy China, we must adhere to prevention first, promote a healthy and civilized lifestyle, create a green and safe healthy environment, and reduce disease occurrence.

With the outbreak of COVID 19, it is fully demonstrated that prevention and control in place is the key to effectively containing the spread of the epidemic. After the outbreak, the reform and development of China's disease prevention and control system has officially begun. Among them, vaccine is an important and cost-effective way of preventing and controlling infectious diseases. Appropriate vaccinations could help to reduce the disease and disability burden, as well as the related medical costs.

In the post-epidemic era, the attention boom in the field of medicine and people's livelihood has continued to rise, especially the health of the elderly, which has become one of the hottest topics of the industry. Aging population is a significant trend in social development. A number of policies have been introduced at the national level in recent years to support the construction of a healthy aging society. Based on the health concept of prevention first in China, vaccination is a cost-effective health management method for disease prevention, and it is also a vital part of the health management process of middle-aged and elderly people.

Feedback and Recommendation:China has established a mature child vaccination system, but the attention paid to adult vaccination is far from enough. Country level does not have guidelines related to adult vaccination. Causes like non-EPI adult vaccines which need to be paid out of pocket (except for some provincial and municipal financial subsidies) resulting in low adult vaccination rates.

Promote adult vaccine recommendations and vaccinations

1. Government should strengthen the recommendation and popularization of adult vaccination, improve the awareness of adult disease prevention and vaccination, and reduce adult vaccine hesitation.

2. Based on the current status of aging population , according to the national guidance, it is highly recommended that middle-aged and elderly people be vaccinated with influenza, pneumonia and shingles, which hoping to attract the attention of local governments to implement.Allow urban employees to use funds from their basic medical insurance accounts for non-EPI vaccinationsGradually open up a variety of vaccination cost payment paths, allowing urban employees to use the funds in their basic medical insurance account to apply the non-EPI vaccination costs of individual and their families. Prevent vaccination rate influencing from economic factors, which in turn affects the overall prevention and control of vaccine-preventable diseases in adults.

Promote CHC doctors to have vaccine prescription right

1. Start with vaccination to help the integration of medical and prevention. Increase adult vaccination knowledge education and recommendation in Tier 2 and 3 hospitals.

2. Advocate CHC doctors to obtain the vaccine prescription right. Improve the accessibility and convenience of adult vaccination.

3. Set up adult prevention outpatient consultation for CHC doctors, and match the corresponding incentive mechanism. Take this consultation as a paid service to appropriately motivate CHC doctors.

4. Add adult vaccination rooms in existing children's vaccination clinics or set up staggered peak time for children and adults to facilitate adult vaccination.

        Download the full report:Give priority to prevention, promote the integration of medical treatment and prevention, deepen the healthy China initiative, and realize healthy aging