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(2021) China Development Forum with Hubei

From Nov. 23 to 25, the "China Development Forum with Hubei" event was held in Wuhan and Xiaogan. The event was co-hosted by China Development Forum and the People’s Government of Hubei Province, organized by China Development Research Foundation and Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce. More than 100 representatives from 52 top global companies partook in the event.

In response to President Xi Jinping’s call to "show solicitude and give a hand", China Development Forum specially planned the event as an extension of the annual meeting, to push forward cooperation between Hubei and multinational companies comprehensively.

The event is made up of several major activities and special events including meetings with regional officials, presentations on key programs and projects in the region, round table discussion on business opportunities, as well as visit to pilot Free Trade Zone and industrial zones. The activities would introduce the achievements of Hubei’s post-epidemic economic restoration and its business environment, and promote the key industries and projects in Hubei Pilot FTZ to multinational enterprises. The activities are held in anticipation of accelerating the settlement of projects already under negotiation, attracting more multinational enterprises to focus on, invest in and support Hubei.