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(2021) Economic Recovery and International Cooperation in a Post-Pandemic Era

Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng has pledged to advance opening up, welcoming foreign firms' investment in the country. Han, also a member of the Standing Committee of thePolitical Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the China Development Forum 2020 on Wednesday.Stressing the importance of efforts to establish a new development pattern, the vice premier said China aims to foster more open "dual circulation" involving both domestic and foreign markets rather than a closed domestic loop.

The country will continue to advance opening up to cover a broader scope, more fields and a deeper level, said Han. It will leverage the advantages of its huge market and promote mutually beneficial international cooperation.

He encouraged overseas investors to increase their presence in the market and share its business opportunities, saying foreign firms are welcome to invest and operate inthe country.

The Chinese economy has shown overall stability and an upward momentum, Han said, summing up the country's experience in economic development, which included prioritizing the fight against COVID-19, coordinating epidemic control and economic and social development, and properly handling macroeconomic regulation.

Han also called for an international consensus and cooperation on containing the pandemic and facilitating the recovery of the world economy, proposing global efforts to fight the pandemic, safeguard multilateralism, deepen technological cooperation, create green growth and seek inclusive development.

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