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(2021) Promoting Prosperity for All

The Outline for Long-range Objectives through the Year 2035 states that substantial progress has been made towards the goal of promoting prosperity for all. China has been exploring the path to common prosperity and made solid progress, but still has a long way to go. To promote prosperity for all, China has gone through two stages. The first stage, from the beginning of reform and opening up to the end of last century, was characterized by the policy of letting some people get rich first, who would then lead and help the rest. In the second stage, from the beginning of this century to now, the government has been focusing on developing the economy while emphasising addressing regional inequality, urban-rural gaps, and income disparity through implementing the following measures: stronger efforts towards the balanced development of urban and rural areas; increased government investment in the agriculture sector and rural areas; regional development strategies; eliminating restrictions for farmers seeking jobs in cities and promoting the integration of labour markets in urban and rural areas; integrating the basic insurance systems for urban and rural residents, developing social welfare programs for the elderly, the young and the disabled, and building a diverse housing support system.

First, to promote prosperity for all, China should unswervingly pursue high-quality development, since development is the basis of and key to addressing all the issues facing the country. Second, it should make consolidating and expanding the achievements of its battle against poverty a top priority. Last, it should make efforts in establishing a complete, well-functioning institutional system to provide a solid foundation for common prosperity.

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