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(2021) Rural Revitalisation Galvanising the Endogenous Dynamic

The comprehensive advancement of rural revitalization should focus on three major tasks. The first is to draw a roadmap, that is, plan first, slowly and steadily execute the plan and make unremitting efforts. The second is to attach equal importance to hardware and software construction, by strengthening rural infrastructure construction to improve the rural living environment while enhancing access to basic public services, and promoting cultural and ideological progress in rural areas. The third task is to promote entrepreneurship, employment and industry: China should give full play to the role of new types of agribusinesses, encourage entrepreneurship to create more employment and drive the development of rural industry; it should boost employment through various approaches, including by enhancing technical training to improve skills; and should promote employment through labour exports and creating more local and nearby jobs.

To achieve two-way flow and the efficient utilization of high-quality resources in urban and rural areas, China should fully exploit the resource advantages of different regions and deploy these properly. It needs to formulate targeted policies to support industrial development, such as large-scale operations, rural land transfers, family farms, and new types of agricultural businesses. Weak links, such as cold chain logistics and sales channels, need to be strengthened. The primary task is to solve the problems of low returns, basic agriculture, and the inadequate combination of agricultural factors. This requires that priority be given first to the issue of rural land, then the growth of agricultural producers, and finally the recombination of agricultural factors.

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