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(2021) Vocational Training: A New Start

Vocational education has provided technical talent to support the implementation of the "Made in China" and "Created in China" strategies, and been of huge significance in advancing China’s high-quality development. President Xi Jinping has said China should focus on high-quality economic development during its 14th Five-Year Plan period, including developing a high-quality education system and enhancing the adaptability of vocational education. To adapt to high-quality development, Lu Xin believes vocational education should focus on six areas: supporting independent scientific development; sustaining modern industrial system construction; forming a new development pattern; promoting the Digital China initiative; advancing rural revitalization; and expediting green development.

China has the world’s largest vocational education system. With more than 11,500 vocational schools, the country can produce 10 million technical professionals every year. To achieve high-quality development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, China should consider the talent needs of high-quality development while studying its higher education structure. In an age of mass higher education, the penetration rate of vocational education will be raised from 52.9% to about 70%.

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