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(2021) Platform Economy Advancing Shared Development

The platform economy is an important new driving force for global economic development. With the changing global economy, how the platform economy canachieve sound, fair and sustainable development in future is an important issue facing platform-based  enterprises,  government  regulatory  agencies,  and  related organizations worldwide.

From an industry perspective, the platform economy has become increasingly diverse since the outbreak of COVID-19, with some digitalized platforms experiencing substantial business growth on one hand, and global tourism platform companies confronting huge challenges on the other. During the pandemic, China's top travel platform enterprises responded to the "dual circulation" strategy launched by the Chinese government on the basis of "penetrating the domestic market and thinking globally", continuing to adapt and optimize their content, products and supply chains, and ultimately achieving good results. In addition, due to various risks that tourists may face on their journeys, these enterprises can leverage the vast networks of their platforms to provide rescue or help at great speed. New technologies, products and models have also enabled tourism platform companies to serve the global market and help the global economy more efficiently.

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