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(2021) Boosting the New Peak Goals and Carbon Neutral Vision (1)

Tackling global climate change and global warming is one of the most urgent issues for the international community. China, as a responsible developing country, has proposed a new goal of achieving peak carbon by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. Since President Xi Jinping announced China’s new target for carbon emissions reduction, the issue has aroused interest at home and abroad.

As a global economic power and major emitter, the next 10 years will be a crucial period for China as it makes substantial investments in infrastructure and economic transformation. In its 14th Five-Year Plan, China proposes to reach peak carbon as early as possible, showing its determination to save energy and reduce emissions in all industries and across the world. China's proactive measures to reduce carbon emissions will help to control global greenhouse gas emissions. It can become an international case study and role model by taking effective actions in infrastructure construction, energy extraction, power grid reform, land development, the digital transformation of traditional industries, and transportation system management.

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