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Time:March 23-25, 2019
Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse
Sponsor:Development Research Center of the State Council
Organiser:China Development Research Foundation
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Founded in October 2013 by CEO Cindy Mi, VIPKID is Chinese internet technology company focusing on the online English education for children and teenagers. By coordinating the resources of North American teachers and Chinese domestic market demands, VIPKID and its one-on-one "immersion" teaching method made Chinese children to like learning languages and know how to speak it out. The company has been invested by many leading investment institutions such as Sequoia Capital, Tencent Capital, Yunfeng (Alibaba) Capital, Kobe Bryant Capital, Matrix Partners China, ZhenFund, Sinovation Ventures and etc. In May 2018, VIPKID completed D+ round of financing for $500 million, with the value up to $3.5 billion.

In August 2018, VIPKID released its core V+ Strategy of education, science and technology as well as its 6 major brands. No longer being an online education service provider, VIPKID has been updated to an education technology company providing one-stop English education solution for the people aged 0-18 years around the world, making more children and teenagers enjoy high-quality global education services.

Now VIPKID has developed into a leading brand in China, with over 500,000 paid students and over 60,000 online North American foreign teachers, with more than 180,000 classes and a total of 4.5 million class minutes per day. Its online Chinese learning platform "Lingo Bus" has more than 10,000 registered students from all over the world, becoming an important business platform for global Chinese learning promotion. There are also more than 300,000 registered students on its one-on-four online English class brand of "SayABC"; "Free Planet" is mainly for children aged 0-4 years to provide a scientific English enlightenment education system; "VIP Bee School" is a high-cost-performance online English learning solution for teenagers aged 9-15 years; and "Playing English with Big Bear" is for children aged 3-6 years to provide effective family learning solutions of English enlightenment.

At the same time, VIPKID regards "making contributions to poverty alleviation and public welfare" as its social responsibility. Together with charitable organizations such as Jack Ma Foundation and Tencent Foundation, VIPKID is dedicated to helping children in poverty-stricken areas so that they can have more access to language learning and the splendid cultures around the world. Its "Foreign Teachers in Classroom" project has introduced online English lessons into more than 300 village-schools in China.