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Time:March 23-25, 2019
Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse
Sponsor:Development Research Center of the State Council
Organiser:China Development Research Foundation
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Zhaopin is a leading career development platform in China, providing professionals career-related services and development opportunities, matching talents with relevant job opportunities and skills throughout their career lifecycle.

Since its inception in 1994, Zhaopin has capitalized on its early-mover advantage as an online career-related services provider to build a leading brand in China. The Company’s “Zhaopin” brand, which means “hire” or “recruit” in Chinese, has contributed to its success. The Company’s website is the most popular career platform in China, with 180 million registered users, 7.8 million job postings every day.

Zhaopin has pursued a strategic business mode that covers the entire career path of job-seeker at whatever stage they may be in their professional career development. Targeting different types of job applicants, Zhaopin has created a ‘3 Cubic’ product model, which aims at offering help to applicants at all respective stages of their professional life. The ‘3 Cubics’ are namely students; white collar workers; along with high-end professionals and administrators.

A "3-power-3" product model matches them with three types of products and services:


ONLINE RECRUITMENT - What am I capable of doing?


Zhaopin has created a platform for the overall development of people in the workplace through three key channels:




In order to realize this strategic transformation from ‘Resume Warehouse’ to ‘Talent Processing Factory’ model, a ‘closed-loop ecological chain’ for talent processing has been developed to serve China's bourgeoning talent workforce, challenging traditional recruitment methods in the market.

The closed loop ecological chain involves:

Combining advanced international recruitment methods with the rapid talent market development in China, Zhaopin ensures a professional, efficient and accurate recruitment services to companies.

Broad-spectrum coverage: With strategic cooperation with relevant search engines, service partner alliances and social networks, we support a multi-channel, all-rounded lock-in service for job applicants at various career stages.

Simultaneously, we have some 37 physical branches across the country and two interactive marketing centers located in both the Northern and Southern part of China. Covering over 200 cities, we form a comprehensive “online, offline and wireless” recruitment platform.

Throughout its 25 years of recruitment services, Zhaopin has amassed vast data pool of white-collar applicants. Its 180 million register users have relatively high academic qualifications and professional skill-sets amongst other highly-valued job-seeker talent. provides one-stop, systematic and professional HR solutions covering more than 200 cities across China with some 6,000 employees in total. Since its establishment, it has provided professional recruitment services for many multi-national corporations and local enterprises. The company boasts rich experience across a wide spectrum of industries, particularly in IT, automobile, finance, real estate and fast-moving consumer goods.