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March 19 (Saturday)

Press Conference


Economic Growth and Soft Landing: The Chinese Economy in Short-term Perspective

Economic Development and Policy Change: The Chinese Economy in Long-term Perspective

Foreign Trade and Foreign Direct Investment in China

March 20 (Sunday)

Session I Opening Ceremony

Chair: Wang Mengkui, President, DRC of the State Council

Opening Address: Zeng Peiyan, Vice Premier, the State Council, PRC

Guest Address: Sir John Bond, Chairman, HSBC Holdings PLC

Donald J. Johnston, Secretary-General, Organization for Economic

Co-operation and Development

Shengman Zhang, Managing Director, the World Bank

Keynote Speech: Sun Xiaoyu, Vice President, DRC of the State Council

Session II China's Macro-economic Trend and the World Economy

Session III Structural Upgrading and Technological Innovation in China's Manufacturing Sector

Session IV China's Public Finance Reform in the Opening-up

March 21 (Monday)

Breakfast Meeting

Topic: The American Economy in 2005 and Beyond

Session V China in the World Trade System

Section VI Opening-up of China's Financial Market and the New Trends in the International Financial System

Session VII Conclusions