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Time:March 23-25, 2019
Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse
Sponsor:Development Research Center of the State Council
Organiser:China Development Research Foundation
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Embrace the New World of 5G

Under the multiple impacts of policy, economy, society and technology, “5G” has become the hottest topic in recent years, especially in 2019, known as “the first year of 5G”. At the same time, the definitions and understandings of 5G are not agreed yet. Based on a global authoritative database, its extensive project experience and expert network worldwide, Roland Berger has built a “5G Ecosystem panorama for the first time, clearly defining the industry ecology of 5G, which has a wide span and far-reaching influence.

5G is an ecology that integrates the communication industry with a uniform standard, delivers services as an industry and drives disruptive changes through communication industry with applications supported by comprehensive services. In nature, 5G is still a set of communication standard jointly developed by experts from different countries and industries. It is the “universal language” of global communication and relevant industries and the “representation of time” for the development of communication technology.

With the advent of the 5G era, 5G pushes application scenarios cross "from 1 to 3", with industries being influenced and empowered exponentially growth. Based on this, Roland Berger take the three 5G core potentials of "high bandwidth, low latency, pan connection" as the evaluation dimension, and built the “5G Industry Impact Index” model for the first time, linking 5G technology and industry to help international and Chinese companies understand the impact of 5G technology on the industry and find unique positioning and coping strategies for the 5G ecosystem.

In this report, we focus on three application areas of "Industry 4.0" in "5G to lead the industry breakthrough", "remote medical" in "5G to stimulate industry. innovation" and "VR / AR" in "5G to promote industry value-added", to analysis the changes and the latest developments of companies in this field. At the same time, Roland Berger has actively participated in various industries to help companies build business strategies in the 5G era to better embrace change and get prepared in the new era.

The United States and Japan, which promotes 5G construction by enterprises, while South Korea is a successful example of global 5G commercialization led by the government. With the clear definitions of 5G ecology, clear plans of the development path, clear guides of the innovation direction, cooperation and win-win, South Korea government promotes the development of 5G services in the layout of terminal application. The experience of win-win cooperation between government and enterprises is a great lesson for us.

China has a large population, a diversified industrial structure, and a strong innovation power. It is the best experimental field for R&D and implement of 5G technology. For the future development blueprint and direction of 5G in China, Roland Berger suggested 4 principles of “environment, wellbeing, people and cooperation. To drive 5G infrastructure by policies, and to support the implementation of government procurement projects, to embraces players around the world with an open cooperation and partnership.

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