• Friday, Sept 6
  • Saturday, Sept 7
Opening Ceremony
LU Mai, Vice Chairman, China Development Research Foundation, (CDRF); Secretary General, China Development Forum (CDF)
Welcome Speech:
LI Wei, Chairman, Committee for Population, Resources and Environment, CPPCC; Chairman, CDRF
Opening Speech:
MA Jiantang, Vice President (Ministerial level), Development Research Center of the State Council
Carlos Gutierrez,Co-Chair, Albright Stonebridge Group; Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce
NING Jizhe, Vice Chairman (Ministerial Level), National Development and Reform Commission; Commissioner, National Bureau of Statistics
Session I: Outlook on the Global Economic Growth
YU Bin, Director-General, General Office, DRC
Gita Gopinath , Chief Economist, International Monetary Fund
WANG Yiming , Vice President, DRC
Lawrence Juen-Yee Lau, Professor, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
ZHENG Yongnian, Professor, National University of Singapore
David Daokui Li, Chief Economist, New Development Bank; Founding Dean, Academic Center for Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking (ACCEPT), Tsinghua University
Robert Barro, Professor, Harvard University
Coffee Break
Session II: China: Opening-up at an Accelerated Speed
FANG Jin, Secretary General, CDRF
LONG Guoqiang, Vice President, DRC
Pascal Soriot, CEO, AstraZeneca plc
ZHU Min, Dean, National Institute of Financial Research, Tsinghua University
NING Gaoning, Chairman, Sinochem Group; Chairman, China National Chemical Corporation Ltd.
Jochen Goller, President & CEO, BMW Group Region China
Session III: Redefining China-U.S. Relations
JIA Qingguo, Professor, School of International Studies, Peking University
FU Ying, Director, Center for Strategy and Security, Tsinghua University
Neal Wolin, CEO, Brunswick Group; Former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury
ZHU Guangyao, Former Vice Minister, Ministry of Finance
Michael Swaine, Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Susan A, Thornton, Senior Fellow, Yale Law School’s Paul Tsai China Center
Stephen A. Orlins, President, National Committee on United States-China Relations
Luncheon: How We Build More Trust and Rapprochement in China-US Relations (Grand Ballroom, 1F, Villa 17)
LU Mai, Vice Chairman, CDRF; Secretary General, CDF
Thomas Friedman, Foreign affairs Op-Ed columnist, New York Times; Author, The World Is Flat
Martin Jacques, Senior Fellow, Department of Politics and International Studies, Cambridge University
Venue I: The Prospects of China-U.S. Economic and Trade Relations (Peony Hall A, 3F, Villa 14)
Session IV(Parallel Session)14:30-15:30
LI Cheng, Director, John L. Thornton China Center; Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, the Brookings Institution
BAI Chong-En, Dean, School of Economics and Management Tsinghua University
David M. Lampton, Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton
Kai-Fu Lee, Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University
HUO Jianguo , Vice President, China Society for World Trade Organization Studies
Jeffrey Schott, Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics
CHEN Dingding, Professor of International Relations, Jinan University
Claire Reade, Senior Counsel, Arnold & Porter; Former Assistant US Trade Representative
Venue II: Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area: A New Engine for Opening-up (Peony Hall C, 3F, Villa 14)
Session IV(Parallel Session)14:30-15:30
HOU Yongzhi, Director-general and research fellow of DRC’s Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy
WU Sikang, Director General of The Development Research Center of Shenzhen Municipal Government
Hera Kitwan SIU, Vice President and CEO for Greater China, Cisco
Jerry Zhangs,Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Standard Chartered China
REN Zeping, Chief Economist (Vice President Level), Evergrande Group; Dean, Evergrande Econmy Research Institute
Evan Guo, CEO, Zhaopin Group
CHEN Zhiling, President and Executive Director, Wynn Macau Ltd
Venue III: The Resilience of the Chinese Economy and Its High Quality Development (Four Seasons Hall, Villa 12)
Session IV(Parallel Session)14:30-15:30
Robert ZHANG, President, Dunhe Fund Management Co., Ltd
LIU Shijin, Vice Chairman, Committee for Economic Affairs, CPPCC; Former Vice President (Vice Minister), DRC
Yukon Huang, Senior Fellow, Asia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
XU Xianchun, Director, Tsinghua China Data Center
Levin ZHU, Financial Expert
Paul Yang, Member & CEO of Greater China, KKR
Venue IV: Digital Economy: Opportunities and Challenges (Four Seasons Hall, Villa 10)
Session IV(Parallel Session)14:30-15:30
TANG Min, Counsellor, the Counsellors Office of the State Council of the PRC
CHEN Yubo, Senior Associate Dean and Director, Center for Internet Development and Governance, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
XIAO Feng, Vice Chairman & Executive Director, China Wanxiang Holdings
Dennis CHANG, President of China, MasterCard
PENG Wensheng, Chief Economist, Everbright Securities
Sihan Bo Cheng, Head of Greater China, GSMA
ZHANG Liping, Deputy Director General, Research Institute for Finance, DRC
Venue V: Brexit and EU: What’s Next? (Danruo Hall, 3F, Villa 14)
Session IV(Parallel Session)14:30-15:30
GUI Tao, Senior UK Correspondent
Oliver Letwin, MP, House of Commons, UK; Former Minister for Government Policy in the Cabinet Office, UK
Ivan Rogers, Former UK Permanent Representative to the EU
FENG Zhongping, Vice President, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations
Daniel Gros, Director, Center for European Policy Studies
Thorsten Giehler, GIZ China Country Director
Venue VI: PBOC Roundtable: Stability and Further Opening-up of the Financial Markets (Invitation Only) (Four Seasons Hall, Villa 2)
Session IV(Parallel Session)14:30-15:30
XIAO Qingwen, Deputy Chief of Staff, General Office, DRC
WANG Xin, Director, Policy Research Department, The People’s Bank of China
Coffee Break
Venue I: People-to-people Exchange: Strengthening the Ties (Peony Hall A, 3F, Villa 14)
Session V(Parallel Session)15:40-16:40
WANG Dong, Deputy Director, Office of Humanities and Social Sciences, Peking University; Vice Executive Director, Institute for China-U.S. People to People Exchange, Peking University
XUE Lan,Professor & Dean, Schwarzman Scholars, Tsinghua University
Malcolm Clarke, Director and Writer; Academy Awards Winner
Elizabeth Knup, Country Director and Representative, Ford Foundation in China
Dali L. Yang, Professor, The University of Chicago
Orville Schell, Director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations, Asia Society
MI Wenjuan, Founder & CEO, VIPKID
Venue II: The Belt and Road Initiative: Ensuring Steady and Sustainable Development (Peony Hall C, 3F, Villa 14)
Session V(Parallel Session)15:40-16:40
WU Xiangong, Senior Vice President, China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Ltd.
Danny Alexander, Vice President & Corporate Secretary, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank; Former Chief Secretary to the UK Treasury
Donald Kanak, Chairman of Eastspring Investments; Chairman of Prudence Foundation Ltd
LI Ying, Inspector, Department of Information and Software Service, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Yasuyo Yamazaki, Chairman & CEO, Kuni Umi Asset Management Co.Ltd.; Chairperson of the BOD, Sun-based Economy
LIU Chunxi, Vice President, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
Denis Depoux, CEO of Greater China, Senior Partner, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
HU Biliang, Director, The Belt and Road Research Institute (BRRI), Beijing Normal University (BNU)
Venue III: Capital Market: Funding Innovation (Four Seasons Hall, Villa 12)
Session V(Parallel Session)15:40-16:40
ZHAO Changwen, Director-General, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC
Luke Kang, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, North Asia, The Walt Disney Company
BA Shusong, Executive Dean, The HSBC Financial Research Institute at Peking University; Managing Director, Chief China Economist of Hong Kong Exchanges
James Paradise, Co-President of Asia Pacific Ex-Japan and Head of the Securities Division in Asia Pacific, Goldman Sachs
TANG Ning, CEO, CreditEase Corporation
Eugene Qian, President of UBS Securities; Member of the Asia Pacific Executive Committee, UBS Group
ZHANG Bin, Research Fellow, Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
CHEN Qiwei, Founder & Chairman, Shanghai Asia Business Development Co., Ltd
Venue IV: Human-centred Artificial Intelligence (Four Seasons Hall, Villa 10)
Session V(Parallel Session)15:40-16:40
YUAN Yue, Chairman, Dataway
Manish Bhatia, Executive Vice President of Global Operations, Micron Technology
FU Yingbo, President, Megvii Technology Co., Ltd
Eric Chang, Senior Director, Microsoft Research Asia
ZHOU Aoying, Vice President, East China Normal University
Carol Liao, Greater China Chairman, Boston Consulting Group
CHEN Kuan, Founder & CEO, Infervision
Venue V: Tax & Fees Reduction: Progress and Effects (Danruo Hall, 3F, Villa 14)
Session V(Parallel Session)15:40-16:40
FENG Qiaobin, Deputy Director-General, Research Department of Macroeconomic Research, DRC
LIU Shangxi, President, Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences, Ministry of Finance
Fred Hu, Chairman, Primavera Capital Groups
CHEN Zhiwu, Director of the Asia Global Institute and Professor, University of Hong Kong
LIU Yilei, Chief economist, China Investment Consulting Corporation
Venue VI: MOFCOM Roundtable: Advancing Opening-Up to a Higher Level (Invitation Only) (Four Seasons Hall, Villa 2)
Session V(Parallel Session)15:40-16:40
ZHANG Qi, Director-General, Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations, DRC
YANG Zhengwei, Director, Policy Research Department, Ministry of Commerce
Coffee Break
Venue I: China-U.S. Trade War: Who’s Paying the Tariff Bill? (Peony Hall A, 3F, Villa 14)
Session VI(Parallel Session)17:00-18:00
ZHU Wenhui, Financial Commentator of Phoenix Television
Scott Kennedy, Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics Center for Strategic and International Studies
JU Jiandong, Unigroup Chair Professor at the PBC School of Finance at Tsinghua University
Douglas Paal, Distinguished Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peacee
LIU Shengjun, President, National Affairs Financial Reform Institute
Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economicse
TU Xinquan, Dean and Professor, China Institute for WTO Studies, University of International Business and Economics
Alex Sceberras Trigona, Special Envoy to the Prime Minister of Malta; Permanent Representative of the Republic of Malta to the World Trade Organization
Venue II: Revitalising Global Foreign Direct Investment (Peony Hall C, 3F, Villa 14)
Session VI(Parallel Session)17:00-18:00
SHEN Jianguang, Vice President & Chief Economist of JD Digits
ZHANG Yansheng, Chief Researcher, China Center for International Economic Exchanges
Matthew Echols, Corporate Vice President, The Coca-Cola Company
XU Lin, Chairman, U.S.-China Green Fund
ZHANG Xinsheng, Executive Vice President of Shell Group & Executive Chairman of Shell Companies in China
ZHU Xiaojing, President, Fonterra Greater China
Mike Chen, CEO & Managing Director, China Everbright Bank Hong Kong Branch
Venue III: Opening-up of the Financial Services Industry: Acceleration and Implementation (Four Seasons Hall, Villa 12)
Session VI(Parallel Session)17:00-18:00
WANG Qing, CEO, Chongyang Investment Management Co., LTD
Zhou Yanli, Former Vice Chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) and Vice Secretary of CPC CBIRC Committee
David Liao, Group General Manager, HSBC Group; President & CEO, HSBC Bank (China) Company Limitedp
Joy Carolyn Linton, Chief Financial Officer, Bupa Group
Lisa Sun, CEO, AIG China
Thomas Cheong, President, Principal Financial Group Asia
Venue IV: Healthcare Industry and Inclusive Medical Services (Four Seasons Hall, Villa 10)
Session VI(Parallel Session)I17:00-18:00
LIU Dianbo, Chairman, Luye Life Sciences Group
GE Yanfeng, Director-General, Research Department of Social Development, DRC
Asgar Rangoonwala, President Council Member, Johnson & Johnson China; President, Xian Janssen
ZHANG Yuhui, Deputy Director General, China National Health Development Research Center, National Health Commission
MIAO Tianxiang, Chairman & Regional President, Greater China Region, Pfizer Upjohn
LAN Fen, Deputy Director-General, Center for Drug Evaluation, National Medical Products Administration
WU Xiaobin, General Manager of China & President of BeiGene, Ltd.
Venue V: Addressing the unbalanced Distribution of Globalization Dividend (Danruo Hall, 3F, Villa 14)
Session VI(Parallel Session)17:00-18:00
WANG Yanzhong, Director, the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
LI Xiaoyun, Professor, College of Humanities and Development Studies, China Agricultural University; Dean of China Insitute for South-South Cooperation in Agriculture (CISSCA)
Stephen King, Senior Economic Advisor, HSBC
LI Shi, Executive Dean, China Institute for Income Distribution, Beijing Normal University
Daniel W. Drezner, Professor, Tufts University
ZHANG Xiaojing, VICE Director of IWEP, CASS
Venue VI: MIIT Roundtable: Innovative Development of the Manufacturing Industry (Invitation Only) (Four Seasons Hall, Villa 2)
Session VI(Parallel Session)17:00-18:00
YU Bin, Director-General, General Office, DRC
WANG Zhijun, Vice Minister, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Dinner: Start up Again amid Nationwide Transformations (Invitation Only) (Grand Ballroom, 1F, Villa 17)
LU Mai, Vice Chairman, CDRF; Secretary General, CDF
WANG Anshun, Vice President (Ministerial level), Development Research Center of the State Council
ZOU Lei, Chairman, Dongfang Electric Corporation
LIU Dianbo, Chairman, Luye Life Sciences Group
DING Liguo, Executive Chairman, Delong Holdings Limited
Breakfast Meeting: Is the World Economy Heading Towards Another Recession? (3F Villa 14)
FANG Jin, Secretary General, CDRF
Robert Barro, Professor, Harvard University
Stephen King, Senior Economic Advisor, HSBC
HUANG Yiping, Vice Dean, National School of Development, Peking University
Session VII: 40th Anniversary of China-U.S. Relations: Retrospect and Prospects
John ZHAO, Chairman, Hony Capital; Executive Vice President, Legend Holdings Co.,Ltd
Neil Bush, Founder and Chairman, George H.W. Bush Foundation for US-China Relations
Joshua Cooper Ramo, Co-CEO & Vice Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
Mark Brzezinski, President & CEO, Brzezinski Strategies LLC; Former U.S. Ambassador to Sweden
WANG Boming, Chief Editor of Caijing Journal
ZHANG Baijia, Former Vice President, Party History Research Center of CPC
Coffee Break
Session VIII: Global Innovation and Co-operation: Challenges and Solutions
LYU Wei, Research fellow of DRC’s Research Department of Innovative Development; Member of Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress
FAN Gang
Fujian ProvincePresident, China Development Institute
Jeff RittenerGlobal Vice President, Intel Corporation
WEI ShaojunDirector, Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University
HUANG Yasheng Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DONG JielinDistinguished Professor, Business School, Soochow University; Director, Center for Enterprise Innovation and Development, Soochow University (CEID)
Closing Ceremony
Summary Speech:
LU Mai, Vice Chairman, CDRF; Secretary General, CDF
Lunch Buffet (3F, Villa 14)
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