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Chinese Delegates 


Ma   Jiantang

Secretary   of the CPC Leading Group&Vice President (Ministerial level), Development   Research Center of the State Council

Ning   Jizhe

Vice   Chairman (Ministerial Level), National Development and Reform Commission;   Commissioner, National Bureau of Statistics

Li   Wei

Chairman,   Committee for Population, Resources and Environment, CPPCC; Former President   (Minister), Development Research Center of the State Council

Wang   Anshun

Vice   President (Ministerial level), Development Research Center of the State   Council

Wang   Zhijun

Vice   Minister, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Long   Guoqiang

Vice   President (Vice Minister), Development Research Center of the State Council

Wang   Yiming

Vice   President (Vice Minister), Development Research Center of the State Council

Zhang   Baijia

Former   Deputy Director, Party History Research Center, Chinese Communist Part

Zhu   Guangyao

Former   Vice Minister, Ministry of Finance

Zhou   Yanli

Former   Vice Chairman, China Insurance Regulatory Commission

Liu   Shijin

Vice   Chairman, Committee for Economic Affairs, CPPCC;Vice Chairman, China   Development Research Foundation

Yu   Bin

Director-General,   General Office, Development Research Center of the State Council

Yang   Zhengwei

Director-General,   Policy Research Office, Ministry of Commerce

Wang   Kaiqian

Director-General,   China International Electronic Commerce Center, Ministry of Commerce

Wang   Xin

Director-General,   Research Bureau, People's Bank of China

Fu   Wenbiao

Director-General,   Development Research Center, State Administration for Market Regulation

Li   Ying

Inspector,   Department of Information and Software Service, Ministry of Industry and Information   Technology

Xia   Guang

Ombudsperson   (Director-general), Policy & Fiscal Affairs Department, Ministry of   Ecology and Environment

Hou   Yongzhi

Director-General,   Research Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy, Development   Research Center of the State Council

Zhao   Changwen

Director-General,   Research Department of Industrial Economy, Development Research Center of the   State Council

Zhang   Qi

Director-General,   Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Development Research Center   of the State Council

Ge   Yanfeng

Director-General,   Research Department of Social Development, Development Research Center of the   State Council

Lyu   Wei

Research   fellow, Research Department of Innovative Development, Development Research   Center of the State Council; Member of Standing Committee, 13th National   People's Congress of China

Song   Gelong

President,   China Reform Daily

Wang   Guangkun

Executive Vice President, Institute of Budget   Accounting, Ministry of Finance

Lin   Xiangyang

Deputy   Secretary General and Director-general of Research Office, Beijing Municipal   Government

Du   Wei

Director-general,   Research Office of Tianjin Municipal Committee

Liu   Zhi

Director-general,   Research Office of Hebei provincial government

Yang   Maolin

Director-general,   Development Research Center of Shanxi provincial government

Yang   Chenhua

Director-general,   Research Office of Neimenggu Autonomous Region Government

Li   Yinquan

Director-general,   Research Office of Jilin provincial government

Dong   Weijun

Director-general,   Development Research Center of Heilongjiang provincial government

Zheng   Yan

Director-general,   Research Office of Jiangsu provincial government

Wu   Weiping

Director-general,   Policy Research Office of Zhejiang provincial committee

Chen   Qiuping

Director-general,   Development Research Center of Fujian provincial government

Tan   Wensheng

Director-general,   Development Research Center of Hunan provincial government

Zhong   Xuanhui

Director-general,   Development Research Center of Guangdong provincial government

Chen   Chaolun

Director-general,   Development Research Center of Guizhou provincial government

Zhang   Xianwei

Director-general,   Development Research Center of Yunnan provincial government

Yang   Sanxing

Director-general,   Research Office of Shanxi provincial government

Xie   Baoen

Director-general,   Research Office of Qinghai provincial government

Wu   Sikang

Director-general,   Development Research Center of Shenzhen provincial government


Director-general,   Tibet Autonomous Regional Committee for Economy, population, resources and   environment, CPPCC

Xiao   Qingwen

Deputy   Director-General, General Office, Development Research Center of the State   Council

Feng   Qiaobin

Deputy   Director-General, Research Department of Macroeconomic Research, Development   Research Center of the State Council

Zhang   Liping

Deputy   Director-General, Research Institute for Finance, Development Research Center   of the State Council

Zhang   Yuhui

Deputy   Director-General, China National Health Development Research Center, National   Health Commission

Lan   Fen

Deputy   Director-General, Center for Drug Evaluation, National Medical Products   Administration

Business   Circle

Zou   Lei

Chairman,   Dongfang Electric Corporation

Ning   Gaoning

Chairman, Sinochem Group Co., Ltd.; Chairman,   ChemChina Group Co., Ltd.

Liu   Aili

Chairman,   China Post Group Co., Ltd.

Su   Wensheng

Former   Head of Discipline Inspection Panel of Party, China National Nuclear Group   Co., Ltd.

Wu   Xiangong

Deputy General Manager, China National Chemical   Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Wang   Tongzhou

Deputy General Manager, China Nonferrous Metal   Mining Group Co.,Ltd

John   Zhao

Governing Board Member, China-United States   Exchange Foundation; Chairman, Hony Capital; Executive Vice President, Legend   Holdings Co.,Ltd

Yu   Liang

Chairman   of the Board, China Vanke Co., Ltd.

Zhang   Wenzhong

Founder,   Wumart Group; Chairman, Dmall

Robert   Zhang

President,   Dunhe Fund Management Co., Ltd

Kai-Fu   Lee

President   & CEO, Sinovation Ventures

Tang   Ning

CEO   & Founder, CreditEase Corporation

Xu   Lin

Chairman,   U.S.-China Green Fund

Levin   Zhu

Financial   Expert

Liu   Dianbo

Chairman,   Luye Life Sciences Group

Ding   Liguo

Executive   Chairman, Delong Holdings Limited

Wang   Qing

CEO,   Chongyang Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Xue   Chi

President,   ZTT Group

Liu   Chunxi

Vice   President, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Fu   Yingbo

President,   Megvii Technology Co., Ltd

Evan   Guo

CEO,   Zhaopin Group

Chen   Kuan

Founder   & CEO, Infervision

Mi   Wenjuan

Founder   & CEO, VIPKID

Wu   Xiaobin

General   Manager of China & President of BeiGene, Ltd.

Chen   Qiwei

Founder   & Chairman, Shanghai Asia Business Development Co., Ltd

Yuan   Yue

Chairman,   Dataway

Xiao   Feng

Vice   Chairman & Executive Director, China Wanxiang Holdings

Ren   Zeping

Chief   Economist (Vice President Level), Evergrande Group; Dean, Evergrande Econmy   Research Institute

Shen   Jianguang

Vice   President, & Chief Economist of JD Digits

Peng   Wensheng

Chief   Economist, Everbright Securities

Liu   Yilei

Chief   Economist, China Investment Consulting Corporation

Niu   Chengli

Chairman,   China Credit Trust Co., Ltd

Wang   Zimu

Chairman,   Huatai Insurance Group

Lu   Feng

Founder   & Chairman, Wind

Liu   Changle

Chairman of the Board Chief Executive & CEO,   Phoenix Satellite Television

Roberta   Lipson

Founder   & CEO, United Family Healthcare

Xu   Xueyang

President,   Heilongjiang Beidahuang State Farm Group Co., Ltd.

Zhou   Haijiang

Chairman   of the Board Chief Executive, HOdo Group Co., Ltd

Mike   Chen

CEO&Managing   Director, China Everbright Bank Hong Kong Branch

Jiang   Yafei

Vice   President, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Li   Xiaoming

CEO,   DESEA Investment Holding Group Co.,Ltd

Qian   Jing

Vice   President, Jinko Solar Co., Ltd.  

Hong   Hangqing

Chairman   & CEO, AP Photonics Limited

Ma   Yiming

Chairman,   Camelot Co., Ltd.  

Academic   Circle

Zhu   Min

Chairman, National Institute of Financial   Research, Tsinghua University

Fu   Ying

Director,   Center for Strategy and Security, Tsinghua University

Han   Yongwen

Vice   Chairman, China Center for International Economic Exchanges

Fan   Gang

Chairman,   China Development Institute

Qu   Zhenyuan

Former   President, China Association of Higher Education

Zhou   Aoying

Vice   President, East China Normal University

Song   Xiaowu

Former   President, China Society of Economic Reform

Liu   Shangxi

President,   Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences

Xu   Xianchun

Director,   Tsinghua China Data Center

Xue   Lan

Professor   & Dean, Schwarzman Scholars, Tsinghua University

Bai   Chong-en

Dean,   School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

David   Daokui LI

Chief Economist, New Development Bank; Founding   Dean, Academic Center for Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking (ACCEPT),   Tsinghua University

Wei   Shaojun

Director,   Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University

Ju   Jiandong

Unigroup   Chair Professor at Tsinghua PBCSF

Chen   Yubo

Senior Associate Dean and Director, Center for   Internet Development and Governance, School of Economics and Management,   Tsinghua University

Zhang   Yansheng

Chief   Researcher, China Center for International Economic Exchanges

Huo   Jianguo

Vice   President, China Society for World Trade Organization Studies

Jia   Qingguo

Professor,   School of International Studies, Peking University

Huang   Yiping

Vice   Dean, National School of Development, Peking University

Wang   Dong

Deputy   Director, Office of Humanities and Social Sciences, Peking University; Vice   Executive Director, Institute for China-U.S. People to People Exchange, Peking   University

Lawrence   Juen-Yee Lau

Professor,   The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chen   Zhiwu

Director of the Asia Global Institute and   Professor, University of Hong Kong

Ba   Shusong

Managing   Director, Chief China Economist, HKEXExcutive   Director, The HSBC Financial Research Institute at Peking University

Wang   Yanzhong

President,   Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Chinese Academy

 of Social Sciences

Zhang   Xiaojing

Vice Director, Institute of Economics, Chinese   Academy of Social Sciences

Zhang   Bin

Senior   Fellow, Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP), Chinese Academy of   Social Sciences (CASS)

Feng   Zhongping

Vice   President, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations

Wang   Wen

Executive   Dean of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies (RDCY), Renmin University   of China.

Li   Shi

Executive   Dean, China Institute for Income Distribution, Beijing Normal University;   Professor, Zhejiang University

Hu   Biliang

Director,   The Belt and Road Research Institute (BRRI), Beijing Normal University (BNU)

Li   Xiaoyun

Professor   and Dean, China Insitute for South-South Cooperation in Agriculture (CISSCA),   China Agricultural University

Tu   Xinquan

Dean   and Professor, China Institute for WTO Studies, University of International   Business and Economics

Wang   Boming

Chief   Editor, Caijing Journal

Cao   Yuanzheng

Chairman,   BOIC Research

Wang   Zhenyao

President,   China Global Philanthropy Institute; President, China Philanthropy Research   Institute of Beijing Normal University

He   Fan

Professor,   Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Liu   Shengjun

President,   National Affairs Financial Reform Institute

Dong   Jielin

Distinguished   Professor, Business School, Soochow University Director,   Center for Enterprise Innovation and Development, Soochow University (CEID)

Chen   Dingding

Associate Dean, Institute for 21st Century Silk   Road Studies, Jinan University

Wang   Huiyao

Chairman,   Center for China & Globalization

Sun   Jie

Former   President, Asset Management Association of China

Tang   Min

Counsellor,   Counsellors' Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China

Tatsuhito   Tokuchi

Member   of the Board of Directors, Center for Industrial Development and   Environmental Governance

Lai   Desheng

Professor,   Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C. (National Academy of   Governance)

Da   Wei

Assistant   President, University of Internatoinal Relations

Yi   Peng

Chairman,   The Pangoal Institution

Tian Wei

Anchor, China Global Television Network  (CGTN)

Zhu   Wenhui

Financial   Commentator, Phoenix Television

CDF   Secretariat

Lu   Mai

Vice   Chairman, China Development Research Foundation; Secretary General,China   Development Forum

Fang   Jin

Secretary   General,, China Development Research Foundation

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